Why Ichimoku Cloud Trends?

Our Latest Commentary:

1-26-22 Financial Forecast USA & Canada

US Dollar: “Should I Stay or Should I Go Now”… The US Dollar is trying to go above the daily Ichimoku Cloud. But, the Ichimoku Cloud lagging line is still below price and holding back. Should price and the lagging line break up, look for US Dollar to move to 99 target zone.

1-27-22 Financial Forecast Europe & Asia-Pacific

British Pound Is Set To Fall. GBPUSD price is breaking through Fibonacci .618 point. Look for price to drop and hit resistance at Ichimoku Cloud Span A and Fibonacci .786 target at 1.328621. GBPUSD price is likely to continue down toward support at old December lows and extended 1.618 Fibonacci target.